New Info for Space Restaurant Coming to Walt Disney World

We previously announced that a new restaurant would be coming to the Future World area of Epcot within Walt Disney World!  This new restaurant is expected to be a space themed dining location that will be located close to the Mission: SPACE attraction, which is the pavilion area that is located next to Test Track in Future World.  Recently the Patina Group posted for jobs at the location.  The job posting read:  “Like in the real International Space Station, represent your country in this restaurant. We will recruit European candidates whose role will be to make the guests feel like they are in space.”

From the job postings, the restaurant is being called “Epcot Space 220”, but we don’t know if this is the actual final name for the location.  The dining room for the restaurant is expected to seat over 350 guests.  This new dining location is expected to offer guests a simulated view of space so that it appears like they are actually dining in space, dining from a spaceship.  There will be two elevators that take guests into the dining location that will be part of the themed experience.

Currently there are positions posted for waiters/waitresses, cooks and hosts/hostesses.  The new dining location is set to open in April 2019. Of course we will post more details and info about the location, food and experience as soon as we learn more!

Who can’t wait for this new restaurant to open?

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