Maple Popcorn Now Offered at Walt Disney World

Disney popcorn is a guest favorite snack at Walt Disney World.  There are even collectible buckets that come filled with delicious Disney popcorn.  There are also refillable popcorn buckets where you buy the refillable bucket and then only have to pay $1.50 each time you want to refill the bucket with more delicious popcorn. This is amazing for guests who can’t get enough of the Disney popcorn.  Well, now Disney has added a new popcorn flavor, maple.  This new flavor is only at the popcorn cart in Frontierland at Magic Kingdom.

You heard that right!  Maple popcorn!  It is a delicious combination of sweet and salty goodness that everyone is sure to love.  This new flavor is also eligible in the refillable popcorn selections, so if you love it you can go ahead and have more.

What do you all think about this new flavor?  Would you give it a try?

About Christy Caby

I am a long time Disney addict! This love began as a child and stayed with me in my teen years. I completed the Disney College Program, was engaged and honeymooned at Disney, visited WDW while pregnant with each of our two boys, and have brought our boys since they were babies (they are now 5 and 2).