Investigation In Progress for Stolen Items for a Retired Walt Disney World Animatronic

There are reports online that Orange County deputies are currently investigating the theft of items from a retired Walt Disney World audio animatronic figure.  Some of you may remember the Wonders of Life exhibit at Epcot and the character, Buzzy, from Cranium Command.  The initial reports circulated rumors that the entire audio animatronic Buzzy had been taken, but that ended up not being the case.  The items that were taken are his rubber hands, green military hat and red bomber jacket. It appears that someone was able to get access to where he was being stored to take these items and the investigation continues to find the thief.  One person has been interviewed, but the items have not been recovered yet.

WESH 2 News spoke with Ken Storey, host of the Orlando Tourism Report on FM radio, and he explained that likely someone would steal these items to sell them.  “Wonders of Life, anything that’s old school Epcot, people love and people want anything that can remind them of retro Epcot,” Storey said.

This investigation continues and we will share more as we learn more about this story!

Source Credit:  Wesh 2

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