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Free Birthday Sandwich at Earl of Sandwich

A couple of years ago my family and I visited Earl of Sandwich for the first time. We knew a little bit about the place and had heard that it is one of the less expensive restaurants at Walt Disney World. Downtown Disney tends to get busier as the day goes on but we were still shocked by how crowded the place was. While we were waiting I saw a sign that mentioned the Birthday Club. I decided to look it up when we arrived home.

What I discovered is that you can receive a free sandwich for your birthday. All that you need to do is to sign up for the newsletter at http://www.earlofsandwichusa.com/the-eclub. A few days before your birthday you will receive an email with a coupon. It is for a free sandwich. The coupon is good for 30 days from when they send it to you so you do not have to use it on your birthday.

Since my daughter’s birthday was earlier this month we used her coupon a few days ago. The service at Earl or Sandwich is hit or miss, this time they definitely hit the mark. They will often send a cast member through the line to see if anyone has any questions. The young gentleman who came by when we were there was very friendly and a real asset to the restaurant.

One trick that we have when we order the free birthday sandwich is that the person who has the coupon will order, and then someone else will order the sandwiches for the other two members of the family. That person will order any sides and drinks that we get as well. As Passholders we receive a 10% discount at Earl of Sandwich, but that cannot be combined with the free sandwich coupon. It may sound cheap, but we want to save money wherever we can, plus we want to use the advantages of being a Passholder. Plus Disney already has plenty of my money, I think that they can afford it.







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