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Disney Dining Plan Guide

Disney Dining Plan Guide

The Essentials of the Disney Dining Plan- One of the most daunting things about planning your Walt Disney World Vacation comes at the very beginning—selecting the right package for your family. With so many variables and options, it can be a challenge to figure out which Disney Dining Plan works best for your vacation. Below you will find the basic details of the 2013 Disney Dining Plans to assist you in the decision making process.

2013 Disney Dining Plan Changes- The details for the 2013 Disney Dining Plan have been announced. There are no major changes except for an increase in the price.

The Do’s and Don’ts of the Disney Dining Plan While the Disney Dining plan is a great value and convenience to most Walt Disney World guests, there are a few Do’s & Don’ts that everyone will want to keep in mind.

The Disney Dining Plan for First Timers- Although the Disney Dining Plan offers a lot of convenience to guests, it can be a bit intimidating to first timers.  Here you will find all of the information you need to make the most of your Magic Your Way package with one of Disney’s Dining Plans.

Minding Your Manners with the Disney Dining Plan- Once every three years or so, I take a deep breath, ready my debit card, and dial up Disney Dining to add the Deluxe Dining Plan to my upcoming vacation reservation. The plan, about a hundred dollars per person per day for those ten and up, features three table service meals daily that include appetizer, entree, and dessert.

Signature Dining with the Disney Dining Plan- Some of Walt Disney World’s finest dining can be found in their “Signature” Restaurants.  This also means that some of the most expensive dining is found in those same signature restaurants.  To compensate for this price difference when using the Disney Dining Plan, you are charged for two table service meals at these locations.  There are currently a dozen “Signature” restaurants at Walt Disney World:

Why Choose the Disney Dining Plan- Dining is a huge part of a Disney vacation. It is a major part of the budget for the trip and it where you will undoubtedly spend time every single day, from Disney quick and table service options to the exclusive Disney treats that we covet between trips.

When the Disney Dining Plan is Not for You- Although the Disney Dining plan in its various levels can be a great value and savings to many families, there are some groups for whom it just doesn’t work out. I always encourage families to do the math for themselves based on what they think they might eat on vacation and weigh that against the convenience of having everything prepaid making your Walt Disney World vacation “inclusive.” Here are some circumstances when the Disney Dining Plan may not be for you:

Disney Dining Plan Snacks- The Disney Dining plans at Walt Disney World were introduced in 2005, and ever since that time, the Snack portion of the dining plans seems to be the most mis-understood, and often, the one component of the plan that goes unused. Just what is considered a snack? Where can I buy snacks? What can I do with extra snacks if I don’t use them during my trip? So many questions!

Disney Dining Plan Complete List of Restaurants- Your Disney Dining Plan credits can be used at the following restaurant locations for the meal types specified and during the meal times listed.

Disney Dining Plan Questions and Answers- We all have different tastes, excuse the pun, but food and dining are a huge part of planning your vacation.  Especially, a Walt Disney World vacation.  Walt Disney World introduced its current form of Disney Dining Plan in 2005.





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