Characters in Flight’s New Balloon Design Visible at Walt Disney World

Characters in Flight is the tethered helium balloon attraction in Disney Springs that you typically see raised high above the area with guests on board.  The balloon went down for refurbishment with a plan to change the balloon to a design that better suits the theme of Disney Springs, since the previous design was with Downtown Disney in mind.  We are getting reports that you can see the balloon in Disney Springs now.  The design, as you can see in the photo from BlogMickey, appears to be a mixture of dark and light blue vertical stripes, orange and dark blue horizontal stripes just past the mid-section and then a white swirl like pattern on a light blue background at the bottom section.

The balloon surprisingly doesn’t have any Disney characters anywhere on it.  The name “Characters in Flight” doesn’t work as well without any character presence on the balloon or as much of the Disney feel.  It’s a little bit disappointing, since seeing the balloon with characters on it help to make it look even more fun for the kiddos and looks very “Disney” in the sky.  We haven’t heard if there will be a name change or any other changes for the attraction. The bright red color of the Characters in Flight ticket booth doesn’t go with the theme of this balloon very well either, so it will be interesting to see if that stays.  Characters in Flight is expected to be officially ready to board guests again for their flight starting Saturday, January 14th.

Photo Credit:   BlogMickey

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