12 Reasons Disney Is The Most Magical Place On Earth

Lauren R If you’re a Disney World fan you are probably used to questions like, ‘don’t you want to go anywhere else on vacation?’ or ‘why do you keep going back to Disney?’ And we all know the simple answer is, ‘because Disney is the most magical place on earth!’ But what is it that makes Disney the most magical ...

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10 Rookie Mistakes At Epcot And How To Avoid Them

Paula K Epcot is confusing to some people who have never been to Walt Disney World before. Is it a place to learn, or a place to experience thrills? Do you travel around the world, or do you learn about the future? The answer to these questions is all of the above! There is something for everyone at Epcot. Some ...

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8 Things You’ll Love About 50’s Prime Time Café

Sarah Chapman I have fond memories of dining at 50’s Prime Time Café as a child with my family in 1990/91 just after the Disney-MGM Studios opened.  The great vignettes of homes that were filled with things I found in my grandparents’ basements and kitchens, the TV shows and of course the servers in character all worked together to make ...

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Our 10 Favorite Treats At Disney World

Jason D 10. Mickey’s Premium Ice Cream Bar This chocolate-covered vanilla ice cream delight, shaped like everyone’s favourite mouse, is the quintessential Walt Disney World treat.  It’s so iconic that you can even find salt and pepper shakers, keychains, clothing and other souvenirs sporting the design!  Happily, Mickey’s Premium Ice Cream Bar is available at all Disney parks and resort. ...

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