More Fuel Rod Kiosks Coming to Walt Disney World

It appears that the Fuel Rods have been quite popular at Walt Disney World.  These are portable chargers for electronic devices.  They cost $30 and you can come back to one of the kiosks and swap and unlimited number of times to obtain a freshly charged portable charger.  You can also recharge them yourself in order to use them again. ...

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Walt Disney World Introduces Bodh’aktan at Epcot

Bodh’aktan is the new band that will replace Alberta Bound as the new band at the Canada pavilion at Epcot.  Alberta Sound will pass the torch over to Bodh’aktan after October 2nd.  Bodh’aktan will only appear for 20 days in October 2016 and then 20 days in January 2017.  The band is said to have a different sound that combines ...

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Walt Disney’s 45th Anniversary Brings New Merchandise

Walt Disney World will celebrate its 45th anniversary on October 1st.  This is the date the Magic Kingdom first opened to greet guests.  With this milestone also means 45th anniversary merchandise available for sell ranging from now all the way through the celebration this year.  This new merchandise is said to include shirts, pins, Magic Bands, PANDORA charms, Dooney & ...

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2 New Medical Assistance Carts Planned for Walt Disney World

Reedy Creek, the district governing Walt Disney World, is doing their budget reviews for next year and are planning on adding 2 new medical assistance carts that would help alleviate the need for ambulances for every emergency.  The carts would also serve to help mitigate situations until an ambulance can arrive.  If the budget gets approved, it would fund 2 ...

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Walt Disney World Fall Experiences Streaming on #DisneyParksLIVE

#DisneyParksLIVE plans to stream portions of Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween party and the Hocus Pocus Villain Spectacular stage show, along with portions of Epcot’s International Food and Wine Festival.  The live broadcast  is planned for September 18th at 8PM.  It is a great opportunity to see the experiences and events that occur around this time of year.  Warning, it ...

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Doctor Strange Preview Coming to Walt Disney World

The One’s Man Dream attraction used to show a clip narrated by Julie Andrews about the life and career of Walt Disney.  Over the last year or so the clip has been replaced with movie previews from time to time.  It has been announced that the next preview to be shown at the attraction will be Doctor Strange. It will ...

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