8 Favorite Things in Adventureland at Walt Disney World

In Disneyland Walt Disney designed Adventureland to reflect some of his true life adventures documentaries.  I love to visit Adventureland in the day time, it is so lush and “jungle-y,” and at night when the lighting is low and it feels very mysterious.  Here are 8 of my favorite things about Adventureland: 8. Jungle Navigation Co. LTD Skipper Canteen I ...

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Top 10 Resort Lounges at Walt Disney World

Sometimes it is nice to escape the hustle and bustle of the Disney theme parks and Disney Springs for a while and just hang around your resort (or another resort).  Many of the moderate and deluxe resorts are home to very nice lounges that have great themes, light bites and drinks to offer.  It is a nice place to go ...

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The Blizzard Beach Game Plan at Walt Disney World

The younger of the two current water parks at Walt Disney World is Disney’s Blizzard Beach. The backstory claims that a freak snowstorm hit Central Florida, so they built a ski resort. The snow then of course melted, and the result is Blizzard Beach.   Remember that Disney’s Blizzard Beach and Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon undergo a refurbishment each fall and ...

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The Typhoon Lagoon Game Plan at Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World is home to two amazing water parks; Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon and Disney’s Blizzard Beach. The atmosphere at either one is half the fun. At Typhoon Lagoon, the backstory is that a typhoon hit a tropical paradise. There are broken surf boards, damaged ships, and a giant shark’s jaw to add to the feel. While this game plan ...

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The Epcot Table Service Restaurants at Walt Disney World

Epcot is an amazing Disney Park in Walt Disney World thanks to its perfect combination of technology and culture in its two separate areas. Future World in the front of Epcot celebrates the blending of nature and technology and World Showcase in the rear brings countries from around the world to life. Since guests spend so much time in Epcot ...

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