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Top 8 Pro Tips for the Beach Club

I get asked quite frequently which Walt Disney World resort is my favorite. My go-to answer is that I cannot choose a favorite—they are like my children, I love each one for a different reason. Some resorts have an amazing theme, some are in a great location, some have unique offerings and activites, etc. However, I will freely admit that ...

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Top 8 Disney Pro Tips for Annual Passes

A Walt Disney World Annual Pass is a wonderful thing to have—it can save you money but it can also cost you money because if you have one you are constantly thinking of ways to get back down to see the Mouse. With an Annual Pass you have several perks that you can take advantage of during your vacation, and ...

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Top 8 Disney Pro Tips For Deluxe Resorts

I hear it from so many Walt Disney World clients who try a deluxe resort for the first time: they can’t go back to a moderate or value resort for their vacations. Not that there is anything wrong with the moderate or value properties—some of my favorite resorts fall into those categories. But there are some special things about the ...

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Top 10 Tips And Secrets For Walt Disney World’s Moderate Resorts

Finding the perfect resort for your Walt Disney World vacation that matches your dream vacation wish list and your budget can be one of the harder decisions when planning your visit—there are so many choices! As a category, I think the Moderate Resorts have so much going for them: fun themes, gorgeous landscaping, and great food. Caribbean Beach Resort, Coronado ...

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Ways to Beat Holiday Crowds

Obviously the best way to beat holiday crowds is NOT to going during a busy holiday time, but sometimes we don’t have a choice due to work or school commitments. With 2/3 of my children now in middle & high school it is more and more difficult for them to miss school for various reasons—and they have more extra-curricular activities ...

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