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Upcoming Disney Projects From Around The World

The long anticipated opening of Toy Story Land at Walt Disney World finally arrives this week! There is no doubt that die hard Disney fans will be following the hundreds of posts including videos, menu reviews, ride reviews, and will be going crazy over the new merchandise. Rightfully so, it is an incredible event that should be celebrated!  However, so ...

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Wine Bar George Sipping Selections at Walt Disney World

This week has been a long time coming at Disney Springs. The much anticipated Wine Bar George has finally opened its doors to the public after many delays and we couldn’t be happier! There are so many fabulous hot spots in the Springs for guests to enjoy ranging from raucous irish pubs to sophisticated dining establishments. WIth such a vast ...

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Unique Souvenir Options At Walt Disney World Resort

Vacations are an exciting time no matter what destination you choose. You make memories that will last a lifetime with people who you care about. Photos are a great way to capture the magic of your trip but there’s always little “extras” that you can take home to help commemorate your experience. While most tourist destinations offer plenty of souvenir ...

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Best Off-Peak Weeks To Visit Walt Disney World

Disney World is a magical place to visit at any time of the year. They have so many different celebrations that it feels like no matter when you go you will be there for something special. If you like many others are looking to experience all the magic of the happiest place on earth but don’t want to pay top ...

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