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7 Amazing Walt Disney World Ride Tricks

Over the past 14 years, I have gone periodically, (okay, very periodically), to Walt Disney World with family and friends. I have learned how to strategize when it comes getting the most out of riding all the rides Disney has to offer. There are certain tips and tricks that will save you time and make your riding experience all the ...

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8 Tips For A Relaxing Day At Walt Disney World

By: Alexandra Blazevich Walt Disney World vacations are meant to be just that: vacations! But they don’t necessarily always have the characteristics of a relaxing vacation getaway. Most of them tend to be hectic, rushed, and not the vacation you want it to be. Here are some of my methods of keeping the fun, magic, and relaxation in a Walt ...

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10 Disney Moments To Make Every Day Better

Everyone could use a little more Disney in their life. Don’t you agree? In between each Walt Disney World vacation you have to hold yourself over somehow! Here are my ten ways to incorporate a little bit of Disney magic in each day. 1) Listening to Disney music “Hakuna Matata” is my jam. Whenever I hear that song come on, ...

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My 5 Favorite Walt Disney World Resorts

I have to be honest… I had a very hard time narrowing my list down to five resorts. Walt Disney World Resort is home to thirty world-renown resorts, with service as their number-one priority. Here are five of my favorite resorts that bring that Disney magic we all love to a whole new level. 5) Port Orleans Riverside: I love ...

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9 Things We Love To Hear At Disney!

By: Alexandra Blazevich For those who have been, you’ve heard the familiar sounds of the Walt Disney parks. If you’re like me, thinking of the fireworks, parade music, and ride soundtracks give you chill bumps! Here are a few of my favorite phrases that I just can’t help love hearing, (or singing along with), each time I visit the Happiest ...

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