Are Days Numbered for Ellen’s Universe of Energy at Walt Disney World?

Rumors have been swirling about the future of Ellen’s Universe of Energy at Epcot in Walt Disney World for months.  There have been various talks of the attraction getting completely re-themed as a Guardians of the Galaxy attraction.  Now it appears like these rumors just may be getting a little bit more merit to them.  We are getting reports that The Walt Disney Company filed a permit with the South Florida water management district to fill in a canal and pave part of the woods area behind Ellen’s Universe of Energy.  This permit project site covers a 1.2 million square foot area, including the existing attraction.  Currently the plans do not include construction or changes to the existing structure, but starting work behind the attraction definitely makes the rumors about changes seem much more likely.

We don’t know the timeline for the project yet since the project hasn’t been formally approved, but it is possible for this work to get started within the next few weeks or months.  If so, it could mean that future phases to make changes to the existing structure and attraction as we know it.  We will definitely update as soon as we learn more and what we can expect in the coming months.  The attraction could definitely use new life, but part of me will be sad to see it go.  Hopefully any new attraction will be amazing and add more thrill to Future World at Epcot.

What would you all think about a Guardians of the Galaxy attraction?  Do you think Ellen’s Universe of Energy needs a change?

About Christy Caby

I am a long time Disney addict! This love began as a child and stayed with me in my teen years. I completed the Disney College Program, was engaged and honeymooned at Disney, visited WDW while pregnant with each of our two boys, and have brought our boys since they were babies (they are now 5 and 2).