8 Things You’ll Love About Yak & Yeti Restaurant At Walt Disney World

Animal Kingdom has a lot going for it: the creatures, the Tree of Life, Avatar Flight of Passage… But one of its great features is Yak & Yeti! This restaurant is amazing, with a fantastic menu, killer backstory, and, despite the misleading title, a Yeti-free experience. Here are some things I think you’ll love about Yak & Yeti!

1. The Food

Yak & Yeti has a really fun menu that is truly unique cuisine. Disney labels this menu pan-Asian and it fits the bill. There are your typical Asian dishes like lo mein and dim sum mixed in with a twist like kale Caesar or sriracha mac and cheese. This menu is also pretty extensive, which means lots of choices! For me, bring on the ahi tuna nachos!

2. Story

What I love most about Disney in general is its knack for storytelling. Yak & Yeti is no exception. The idea is that Yak & Yeti was actually the home of a Nepalese proprietor near Mount Everest. The village home was eventually converted into a restaurant for weary travelers.

3. Décor

The décor of Yak & Yeti truly reflects its unique background. Being this proprietor’s old house, the restaurant is full of his old possessions. So while you eat, you’re surrounded with the proprietor’s collection of Asian artifacts! I love how authentic it makes the restaurant seem. The detail is exquisite.

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4. Unique Drinks

Not only does Yak & Yeti have a great main menu, it has a fabulous drink menu too. The alcoholic section has over two dozen choices! From eclectic mixed drinks to Asian beers to sake, this menu has it all. They also have fun names like “Yak Attack.” There’s also a great non-alcoholic drink menu!

5. Yak & Yeti Bhaktapur Market

Right outside of the restaurant itself sits the Yak & Yeti Bhaktapur Market. It’s essentially an outdoor gift shop, but it seems way cooler than that. I love that you can peruse authentic Asian items and maybe bring some of your adventures home with you.

6. Yak & Yeti Local Food Cafes

I frequent the Café more than the actual restaurant, if I’m being honest. The Yak & Yeti Local Food Cafes is basically a quick serve version of Yak & Yeti. It’s adjacent to the main restaurant and serves things like teriyaki chicken and egg rolls. A nice feature is that they also serve breakfast!

7. Convenience

Yak & Yeti is pretty obviously in the heart of the Asia section of Animal Kingdom. There are not a lot of nice, sit down options in this Park, so Yak & Yeti is a great addition. With so much to choose from on the menu, everyone can be happy here. Or the Cafes are great for grab and go. Whatever you need, Yak & Yeti delivers.

8. The Break Aspect

Animal Kingdom is often referred to as the toughest park. This makes sense – it’s huge and doesn’t offer much of a break from that Florida sun. Here’s where Yak & Yeti comes in. A meal at this restaurant means two hours of sitting down and being served in the cool. It rocks.

About Molly Elias

Molly grew up a Disney kid. When her grandparents decided to migrate down to Florida, she was blessed with the chance to visit the Parks often. Her favorite park is Hollywood Studios simply for the feeling that it brings. She and her family love to try out different restaurants around the property (and bring recipes home!). They have also become Disney Cruise Line experts over years and like to refer to the Disney Magic as “their ship.” Molly and her family have made amazing, lasting friendships and memories through Disney, gifts they will always be thankful for. When not at Disney or at sea, Molly can be found at school, enjoying every minute of college, or trying to find a niche in the writing field.