5 Things You Will Love About Downtown Disney’s Raglan Road

Ever since I was little, Ireland has been an important part of my life. I mean, come on, my name is Molly…Disney is incredible because it allows guests to go all over the world while staying firmly in Orlando. Raglan Road is one of these experiences. If you really want a true Irish encounter, I think you will love these things about Raglan Road:

5. Location: Downtown Disney is the perfect spot for a pub visit! Being an Irish pub, Raglan Road has a bit more of an adult atmosphere (but is still perfectly appropriate for kids!) so the Landing area of Downtown Disney is a great place for it. It’s secluded from the main shops, not overtly Disney, and in a lively part of the complex. It’s an escape without escaping. Raglan Road is in just the right place for someone wanting to get some space and do something different without going off property.

4. Prices: Raglan Road is also great because it has such a special dining experience without having the unpleasant experience of overpaying. On the Disney World website, this Irish pub is listed at “two dollar signs,” basically meaning the prices are over quick serve but not outrageous or too fancy. Nothing on the menu is over $30, but the food quality is still really, really good. Raglan Road is a great option for your family, or just you, to go out to dinner and have a nice sit down meal and not worry about dressing up or breaking the bank.

3. Entertainment: This is one of my favorite parts about Raglan Road. Many times during the night, the Raglan Road band and dancers come out to perform for the diners. These performers are incredible. This is an amazing way to get a real sense of the community and feel of Ireland. The songs you’ll hear and the dances you see are totally authentic. The popular tunes will make you feel like you’re from the land of rolling green hills and dramatic cliffs, too.

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2. Authenticity: When you walk into Raglan Road, it feels like walking into a real Irish pub. From the décor, to the ambiance, to the smells and sights, everything feels authentic. All of the wait staff is from Ireland and totally know their stuff. Speaking of the staff, the head chef is Master Chef Kevin Dundon, “one of Ireland’s best-loved chefs.” So not only is the food just what you would get if in Ireland, but it’s prepared by the best. Raglan Road is also really fun because there’s nothing like it anywhere else on property, probably in Florida (but don’t quote me on that). By the end of your meal at this awesome pub, you will be surprised to walk out the doors to Orlando and not Dublin itself.

1. Atmosphere: This is kind of a continuation of the authenticity section; they really go hand in hand. Because Raglan Road was so skillfully built and decorated in its authenticity, the atmosphere of this space is brilliant. It’s so unique that you can’t help but have fun at this pub. Snug in a leather booth, surrounded by the wafting scent of fish and chips and the sound of tap shoes slapping against the wooden stage can transport you instantly. Being a pub, there is drinking, but it’s more like the kind you’d find in Ireland: normal, full of friends and laughs and Guinness galore. I think this adds to the atmosphere. You’ve never really known a pub unless you’ve been there, but Raglan Road delivers a genuine taste of the fun, giving you a perpetual craving for fish and chips and wanderlust for Ireland.

About Molly Elias

Molly grew up a Disney kid. When her grandparents decided to migrate down to Florida, she was blessed with the chance to visit the Parks often. Her favorite park is Hollywood Studios simply for the feeling that it brings. She and her family love to try out different restaurants around the property (and bring recipes home!). They have also become Disney Cruise Line experts over years and like to refer to the Disney Magic as “their ship.” Molly and her family have made amazing, lasting friendships and memories through Disney, gifts they will always be thankful for. When not at Disney or at sea, Molly can be found at school, enjoying every minute of college, or trying to find a niche in the writing field.