5 Reasons We Love Walt Disney World Resorts

Do we really need a reason to love the Walt Disney World Resorts? Probably not. But there’s just so much to love! Here are five amazing things about these resorts:

5. Restaurants

Some of my favorite restaurants (and I’d argue the best restaurants in all of Disney) are right in the resorts themselves. The resorts provide dining experiences unique from the Parks. There’s something more intimate and special about a dinner in a resort. Because of the different theming for the resorts, the possibilities for the restaurants expand exponentially. It’s incredibly cool to basically decide what you’re in the mood for and get to immerse yourself in that whole world for a dinner experience.

4. Festivity

I dream of the Grand Floridian at Christmastime. The Walt Disney World Resorts know how to do decorating. Regardless of the season, the resorts reflect it. The most they go all out is for Christmas. Each resort tells its own Christmas story and there are often special events to help. They all have massive Christmas trees in the lobby, but some go to infinity and beyond. The Floridian, for example, decks the halls with a huge gingerbread house every year. It’s impeccably detailed and even sells gingerbread from inside it!

3. Authenticity

Like all things Disney, detail in the resorts is ridiculously important. Disney goes out of its way to ensure that when you walk in the front doors of any resort, you are transported to that theme. When you enter Animal Kingdom Lodge, you are in Africa. The Polynesian Resort even smells different. The craftsmanship in these resorts is out of this world. From the genuine decorations, to the food, to the cast members from those particular parts of the globe, the resorts spare no detail to make sure you have a fantastic, authentic stay.

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2. Transportation

On the practical side of a Disney stay, transportation is key to a successful vacation. Disney Resorts make that simple. If you are staying at any of the resorts on property, you are guaranteed transportation to any of the four parks and water parks and Disney Springs. It’s pretty amazing. All resorts have bus service, but many also have monorail and boat accessibility. This is a great opportunity to make your trip just a little easier and a lot more magical.

1. Merchandise

Okay, so many this is a little less practical, but still fun. If you’re a die hard Disney fan who is dedicated to a particular resort, you’re going to go for the merch. And who can blame you? Each resort has its own merchandise exclusive to that one hotel. I love to peruse the Zawadi Marketplace in AKL for its cool stuff. The Boardwalk has some relatively new shirts and sweatshirts that are really fun. And these are things your family will have forever. My family still drinks out of our Fort Wilderness mugs from 20 years ago!

About Molly Elias

Molly grew up a Disney kid. When her grandparents decided to migrate down to Florida, she was blessed with the chance to visit the Parks often. Her favorite park is Hollywood Studios simply for the feeling that it brings. She and her family love to try out different restaurants around the property (and bring recipes home!). They have also become Disney Cruise Line experts over years and like to refer to the Disney Magic as “their ship.” Molly and her family have made amazing, lasting friendships and memories through Disney, gifts they will always be thankful for. When not at Disney or at sea, Molly can be found at school, enjoying every minute of college, or trying to find a niche in the writing field.