10 Disney Characters I Would Draft For A Football Team

Football season rocks. Even if you don’t like the game, most people are into the food and family/friends time. There are a lot of great teams in the NFL, but I think the best team ever would be comprised of these awesome Disney characters:

1. Baymax from Big Hero 6

Baymax would be an excellent choice because not only would he be able to block ridiculously well, he’d be an on-field paramedic. The downsides to Baymax, of course, are that he is not fast and he might be afraid of hurting someone accidentally, which goes against his design. But I think he’d be pretty solid.

2. Beast from Beauty and the Beast

I’m talking Beast, pre-broken curse here. I think Beast would be a fantastic addition to any football team. He’d have no problem plowing people down, and his loyalty and might have proven that he’d be an excellent guard. He might have some temper issues, but surely those could be ironed out…

3. Sully from Monsters Inc.

Sully has proven his ferocity when the time comes. And he already showed some serious football skills in Monsters University (even though technically Mike caught the pig). Plus, we’ve also seen how competitive Sully can be, which would be a great advantage to any team.

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4. King Fergus from Brave

I’m rooting for Fergus even with his wooden leg. He has total focus and determination, which we’ve seen in his quest to conquer Mor’du. He’s pretty big and clearly resilient. He’d be able to take a couple hits with no real damage. He’d be especially on point when playing against the Chicago Bears…

5. Goofy

Every great team needs a scrappy underdog, right? Goofy can certainly fill that role – literally. He’s not exactly what you’d expect in a great football player, but Goofy has a way of coming through when you need him. He even starred in his own football short cartoon! That’s gotta earn him something.

6. Ralph from Wreck-It-Ralph

He’s gonna wreck the field! I think Ralph would be an awesome player because he’d just go nuts in a game. Although, I recognize that this might be problematic. He might get a bit carried away and destroy the actual field. In this case, Felix would have to be on hand to fix it after him.

7. Chernabog from Fantasia

Here’s a major risk player. No risk, no reward, though? Pros: Chernabog is huge. He could score in one step. No one would be able to stop him. Cons: Chernabog is terrifying and evil. He might, you know, kill people. That would put a serious damper on the game.

8. Lady Kluck from Robin Hood

Seize the fat one! Lady Kluck means business. Don’t let her appearance fool you. She is a tough football player. She singlehandedly (single-wingedly?) knocked down an entire army of rhinos. Lady Kluck would be a serious advantage for her strong tactics and feminine touch.

9. Genie from Aladdin

Is this technically cheating? Oh well. Genie would be awesome on a football team because he’s big and tough, but could also morph into any player you need. He’d be the ultimate surprise player. You’d never really know what he could do. Not to mention he’d make a killer cheerleader off the field.

10. Phoebus from Hunchback of Notre Dame

Phoebus is not on this list for his size or might. He’s here for his strategic mind. Phoebus is an army captain, so he’s quick-witted, brilliant, and tactical. These are all crucial components for a great quarterback. GOAT, anyone?

About Molly Elias

Molly grew up a Disney kid. When her grandparents decided to migrate down to Florida, she was blessed with the chance to visit the Parks often. Her favorite park is Hollywood Studios simply for the feeling that it brings. She and her family love to try out different restaurants around the property (and bring recipes home!). They have also become Disney Cruise Line experts over years and like to refer to the Disney Magic as “their ship.” Molly and her family have made amazing, lasting friendships and memories through Disney, gifts they will always be thankful for. When not at Disney or at sea, Molly can be found at school, enjoying every minute of college, or trying to find a niche in the writing field.