10 Best Ways Adults Can Feel Like A Kid Again At Walt Disney World

People often ask me, “Don’t you get sick of Disney and the childishness of it?” Well, no, actually, I don’t. That’s what I love about it: when I step into the gates, I can be any age I want. Disney is a place that childlike wonder can come to everyone, even adults. Here are my 10 best ways adults can feel like kids again at Walt Disney World:


10. Character Meals

It doesn’t matter how old I get: when I see Mickey making his way toward my table I get excited. Character meals, much like the greetings, are great for feeling like a kid. It’s just so fun and laid back and you can be as silly as you want with them – in fact, silliness is encouraged!

9. Character Greetings

The great thing about character greetings is that they don’t care how old you are! They’re Disney characters – that’s all that matters. Interacting with them allows adults to drop their guard and just have a conversation. It’s kind of impossible to act like an adult around Goofy anyway, am I right?

8. Ears

A surefire way to get rid of all pretenses in life is to wear a ridiculous hat. Disney is the right place to do that! I love the hat shop on Main Street for just this purpose. There are probably hundreds of ears in Walt Disney World to choose from. Pick your favorite, pop ‘em on, and feel like a kid!

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7. Resort Water Slide

Don’t you lie: you think those resort pools look cool, don’t you? I know I do! The great thing about the resort pools is that there’s no age limit! Go for that water slide! Go for it over a dozen times, no one will judge. I have to admit I’ve always really wanted to go on the pirate ship slide at Yacht and Beach Club…

6. Agent P’s World Showcase Adventure

Okay, I’m a sucker for this one. This attraction originates from the TV show Phineas and Ferb, which is really a show for adults that happens to be appropriate for kids. It’s amazing. Agent P’s Adventure is the same. It’s a way for kids to interact with Epcot, but it’s also really fun for adults.

5. Play Mini-Golf

Like the resort water slides, mini-golf is for everyone! The Winter Summerland Miniature Golf Course is great for feeling like a kid. This is basically a big play course filled with Disney magic. With the two sides, there’s plenty of fun to go around!

4. Movie Under the Stars

Most, if not all, of the resorts on Disney property host what they call “Movies Under the Stars.” This is pretty self-explanatory. The resorts host a movie night either by the pool or on a lawn. These nights are an incredibly fun time to just sit and unwind and feel like a kid by watching your favorite Disney movie.

3. Low-Thrill Rides

Low-thrill rides are generally thought of as rides for children, but they’re really for everyone. And sometimes they’re a great way to feel like a kid yourself. Rides like Tomorrowland Speedway, Dumbo, Small World, the Carrousel, etc. are perfect for this. These slower rides are catered for kids and are full of Disney magic and wonder.

2. Eat a Mickey Bar

Mickey Bars make everyone happy. You can’t help but to feel like a kid when you munch on one of those dark chocolate ears or let the vanilla ice cream middle dribble down your chin. Mickey Bars are all over the parks, so they’re always available if you need an extra dose of feeling like a kid!

1. Let it Go

The best and most powerful way to feel like a kid at Walt Disney World is to simply follow Elsa’s advice: let it go. Let go of work, let go of money, let go of walls and stress and worry. Disney is the place to just let those things fall away and have fun. It’s a place to spend time with the ones you love most and enjoy every second of those magical moments you’ll remember forever. As Walt Disney once said: “Growing old is mandatory, but growing up is optional.”

About Molly Elias

Molly grew up a Disney kid. When her grandparents decided to migrate down to Florida, she was blessed with the chance to visit the Parks often. Her favorite park is Hollywood Studios simply for the feeling that it brings. She and her family love to try out different restaurants around the property (and bring recipes home!). They have also become Disney Cruise Line experts over years and like to refer to the Disney Magic as “their ship.” Molly and her family have made amazing, lasting friendships and memories through Disney, gifts they will always be thankful for. When not at Disney or at sea, Molly can be found at school, enjoying every minute of college, or trying to find a niche in the writing field.